I am a Software Specialist.

Hold a M.Eng. from University Roma Tre. Fluently trilingual in Italian, Arabic and English.

With over 10 years experience in Software Engineering across the entire development lifecycle, as a Software Engineer, Software Architect and Tech Lead. Helping clients with the emerging technologies to enable Digital Transformation processes and implement their business strategy.

Passionate about front end technologies, I love to work with the most modern technologies for the development of responsive web applications. Experienced full stack developer in designing and developing web applications, integrating platforms for data management, in particular MVC architecture to rendering data and enable the digital user experience. In the past 4 years I specialized in API development and front end technologies. Lately I focused on single page front end development with JavaScript and CSS, in which I have released multiple prototypes.

Started my career in Italy at Altran, consulting clients in Europe.

Took part of the Purdue Cyber Center in U.S. and lead a technical team responsible for implmeneting solutions for bioinformatics entities.

Also helped Qatar Foundation, particularly their computing institute QCRI, the biggest computing research center in the middle east.

Currently Project Manager at Altran Middle East based in Dubai, U.A.E., managing technology transformation implementations for clients in the MEA region.